Front Rear Drilled Slotted Brake Rotors Ceramic Pads


  • Drilled Slotted Brake Rotors and Ceramic Disc Brake Pads with 120.44083,43512-53020;31172 ATD619C,D619-7495 120.4409,31253 ATD771C,D771-7638 fit for 1998-2005 for Lexus GS300, 1998-2000 for Lexus GS400, 2001-2005 for Lexus GS430, 2001-2005 for Lexus IS300, 2002-2010 for Lexus SC430
  • cciyu Ceramic Brake pads offer superior resistance to stop without the noise and dust associated with metallic brake pads. A high quality rotor is recommended with Ceramic pads
  • The upgraded perforated scribing brake disc enhances the friction coefficient generated by the brake from the physical level, increases the friction between the brake discs, greatly improves the driving safety factor, and effectively shortens the braking distance.
  • Punching and scribing effectively shortens the braking distance and enhances the heat dissipation effect. Punching can better dissipate heat, avoid high temperature puncture, brake disc deformation, etc., and scribing can avoid the hydration film effect caused by rain and snow, effectively reducing Increased safety factor by air film generated by air in sunny weather.
  • Before purchasing,Check the Amazon Fitment System and the MAKE/MODEL/TRIM in the description in the upper left corner.If you have any question about OE and Vehicle type,please contact us!

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