Foot Massager Machine


  • đź‘‘MULRIFUNCTIONAL FOOT MASSAGER: This foot massager machine has 3 Modes (Auto/Custom/Manual) with 7 Preset Programs, the massage speed and direction can be adjsuted according to your needs in Manual Mode. Our shiatsu foot massager can provide deep kneading, rolling massage for feet, calves, arms and ankles, which can relieve fasciitis, relieve foot stiffness, fatigued muscles, neuronathy, inprove blood floy and promote better sleep.
  • đź‘ŁREMOTE CONTROl—CONVERNIENCE: Foot and Calf Massager comes with a smart remote control that is easy to use, which is convenient for you to use when reading, watching TV, and reading. The remote control can adjust the mode, speed, and direction of the foot massager, it can be used in automatic and manual modes switch between.
  • ⚙️ UNIQUE DESIGN— SHIATSU FOOT MASSAGER: The foot massager adopts an open design with a width of 5 inches, which can massage feet and calves with a width less than 5 inches. The foot massager adopts medical grade fabric, detachable and washable, Health and Safety.

Foot massager function


A1:The Rolling massage in clockwise direction and change speeds among High-Medium-Low at interval of 16/13/18/13 sec

A2:At first, the Rolling massage in High speed and change directions every 12 sec for 3 times, then it change the speeds among High-Medium-Low-Medium every 17 sec in clockwise

A3:The Rolling massage in clockwise direction and change speeds among High-Medium-Low-Medium-High-Medium-Low at interval of 10-15 sec.

A4:The Rolling massage in clockwise direction and change speeds among High-Medium-Low-Medium-High-Medium-Low-Medium-High-Medium-Low-Medium at interval of 10-15 sec.


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