Cat Tree


  • Stable & Comfortable Cat Tree: This multi-level cat tree is made of P2 grade particle wood board to reinforce its base. The stable structure allow it to accommodate more than one cat to move around or jump on/off at the same time but without wobbling or tipping over. The faux fur covering with well attached long hairs always keep your kitten warmed and cozy. This is a wonderful new castle that your feline friends will fall in love
  • Protect Furniture from Cat Claws: The scratching posts are wrapped with natural sisal to encourage positive scratching behavior. It not only allow cats to do some stretches to keep their claws healthy, but also solves the cat lovers’ annoyance about the furniture scratched from kittens. Without going outside, your cat can enjoy the same fun of playing and relaxing on this cat tree
  • Roomy & Cozy Cat Tower:The 3-layer cat tree expands the usable activity space vertically and offers tons of fun areas for cats to climb and explore. The high perches satisfies the feeling that cats like to be in high places; Warm condo, fun basket and hammock for comfy napping. This roomy cat tree is designed for multiple kittens to play at the same time and allow them to enjoy their own private space

Multi-Level Cat Tree Tower – Activity Center To Keep Cats Be Entertained!

When designed this cat tree, we consider every details of your kitten in mind. Those details bring a cozy home to companion your cat’s growth.

Multi-Level Design: Multi-level structure with roomy condo, spacious top perch, cozy hammock, fluffy basket, durable scratching posts, funny ladder and hanging toys, this cat tree provides multiple places for your feline friends to play, take a nap or jump around.

Funny Ladder: The funny ladder allow the cats to jump up and down to stretch up their body. It will not only provide space for they to play, but also meet their climbing nature.

Durable Scratching Post: Wrapped with durable natural sisal ropes, these scratching posts are strong enough to withstand cat’s constantly scratches. Free up your furniture from scratching.


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